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Our work.

We will show you different ways to your own tree house.

From design drawings and sketches to the finished tree house, and the various possibilities.

We design the tree house you want.

You will get several different  drawings and a sketch with different views and prospective .

With these designs, you can build your own tree house or hire a carpenter you trust.

Our main task is to see the creation of a complete tree house, from design to completion.

Special circumstances from your tree house could be a construction between two or more trees.

The lacks a viable trees can be sorted with a construction on stilts within the involvement of young trees and shrubs is very attractive.

Often the children would like to participate with family by building the house,

this important request we will combine into the building the tree house.

For this reason we have relevant work your children can carry out with our instructions and under supervision.

A tree house is similar to a ship's cabin like a small room surrounded by nature and protected from the elements.

This is why we like to use accessories from the ships like ropes, wicker baskets, portholes, brass handles and fittings, marine blocks as pulleys for ropes.

We use durable wood such as Douglas fir and larch for the highly stressed areas, for all other areas we use native conifers.

A structure made of hardwood is not recommended due to the heavy weight.

Special attention is paid to the roof, mostly because several branches will be broken, then using a special technique we will  strengthen the roof again.

We do not use wood preservatives, and we only use environmentally friendly colors.