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Normally it is possible only on a holiday destination to escape the exhausting grind of working life and its perceive nature.

We have specialized in shelters for the everyday life - right outside your front door.

We give your tree house a personal touch.

We create places to relax for young and old people.

In our tree houses, there is no lack of comfort.

From a terrace or expand the comfort from indoors.

The mattress is enough for two people, with a bench including enough storage space.

The accommodation can be used with different options in the small building.

Windows on every wall in the tower and roof allow an unobstructed view.

A tree house is a living place.

A retreat in the middle of nature.

For children and adults.

As an alternative to Internet, television and Game Boy.

Another place to celebrate with friends and family.

A place to sharpen the senses to enjoy the changing seasons and nature.

As children we all climbed a tree to view the world from a different perspective.

Get back to these wonderful perspectives of life.

Whether for work, rest, play or just to celebrate.